The Green School for Girls

Let your
Light shine

Matthew 5:16

Sixth Form Student Leadership

We offer a wealth of opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills. these include:

  • Membership of the Sixth Form Leadership Team
  • Membership of the Sixth Form School Council 
  • Organization of fundraising and charity events
  • Leading and presenting in assemblies
  • Reading partners 
  • Leading extra curricular clubs

Please see our Broadening Horizons programme which offers further opportunity for leadership development.

Message from the Head Girl

Dear Prospective Students,

 As the current Head Student at the Green School For Girls, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about life in the Sixth Form, and its motto ‘Achieve, Prepare, Grow, Excel’.

 One of the many aspects of the the Sixth Form at the Green School For Girls, which helps its

students to develop into well-rounded people who are ready for the post-18 world, is its continuous academic achievements. It is dedicated to helping every student, of every ability, to achieve the very best academic results that they are capable of. With extra academic opportunities, from lecture style seminars, to museum trips, the sixth form encourages its students to achieve beyond their expectation, and strive for the best.

 The Sixth Form also encourages students to prepare for life beyond school. I feel well equipped with knowledge of future destinations, due to various workshops and enrichment activities that the Sixth Form teachers organise for us. The staff ensures every student is aware of the various options available to them, in preparation for the world of work, and life beyond the school.

Beyond academia, the vibrant and friendly Sixth Form also enhances values such as integrity, compassion and self-worth, in order to help its student to grow into well-rounded people, which I think is one of the most commendable aspects of the Sixth Form at the Green School For Girls. We are encouraged to grow into young adults with creative and enquiring minds, fully equipping us for the future. Furthermore, friendships for life also grow in the Sixth Form, through enjoyable, community aspects, such as a trip to Brighton and opportunities like Duke of Edinburgh. We are also physically growing, with a new Sixth Form block being built, as part of the Green School Trust.

 Overall, the Green School For Girls Sixth Form encourages its students to excel, both academically and as people. All members of staff are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential, and provide an excellent support system, for every ability and for both internal and external system.

 I hope I have given you a better idea of what the Green School for Girls Sixth Form is like, and wish you the very best of luck in choosing your post-16 option.

Head Girl  

to find out more about our current sixth form student leadership team please click HERE