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Further Mathematics

Head of Faculty and Head of Department Mrs A Palumbo


Further Mathematics is available in Year 12. The modules studied  are Further Mathematics 1, Further Mathematics 2 and Further Mechanics and Statistics. These modules use very high levels of problem solving, mathematical reasoning, abstract thinking and algebraic processing.

 As in A-level Maths, you will develop independent learning, problem solving, logical and methodical thinking, higher  order thinking skills, analytical and manipulative skills. 

 How will it be assessed?

A-level in Further Maths.  Two-year linear course.  The examination board is AQA.
There are 3 modules  being taught (Further Mathematics 1, Further Mathematics 2, Further Mechanics and Statistics
All 3 modules are assessed by a exam paper (2 hours in length).
All papers carry equal weighting. 

Where will it lead?

Further Mathematics qualifications are highly regarded and are warmly welcomed by universities.  Students who take Further Mathematics are really demonstrating a strong commitment to their studies, as well as learning mathematics that is very useful for any mathematically rich degree.  Some prestigious university courses require you to have a Further Mathematics qualification and others may adjust their grade requirements more favourably to students with Further Mathematics.  If you are not planning to study for mathematically rich degrees but are keen on mathematics you will find Further Mathematics a very enjoyable course and having a Further Mathematics qualification identifies you as having excellent analytical skills. 

Enrichment opportunities

Masterclasses in the Spring and Summer terms.
Mentoring of students at KS4 and KS3 and helping students in year 11 with master classes and taster sessions for year 12 Mathematics. 

Entry requirements

GCSE Maths at Grade 8. Further Maths can only be taken as a fourth A-level.