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Matthew 5:16



Our vision is to help our students articulate ideas, knowledge and opinions with clarity and confidence, and to present according to purpose, and appropriately engage with an audience.

Why do we study Oracy?

The discrete subject of Oracy  builds upon the skills of spoken communication taught through English lessons. Students gain experience and skills in presentation for an audience, using their voice and spoken persuasion.


What do we study in Oracy?

Students will practise : 

  • Using their voice to communicate in different ways and over a distance. 
  • Persuasive and argumentative techniques in spoken word.
  • Using the spoken word as a performance tool.
  • Using oral communication to report on issues that matter to them.

How do we study Oracy?

Oracy is delivered fortnightly to each Year 8 form group.

Home Learning

Students are expected to complete work in class and to finish any outstanding work for home learning. Students will be expected to meet any deadlines set by their teacher.

Co-curricular Activities

The skills learned in Oracy can transfer to most subject areas, where there is a need for any spoken contribution.



There is no formal written assessment for Oracy.

Students work in groups, pairs and individually to present their work.


This qualification gives students the opportunity to:

  • Present ideas and issues in performance or speech.
  • Work as a group to present a team outcome.
  • Become confident speakers in a wide range of circumstances.

Careers Leading on from Oracy

Oracy will be useful for almost any career: any client or customer-facing workplace, or any job that involves explanation or communication.


How parents/carers can support their children

  • Encourage their children to speak clearly and confidently.
  • Encourage their children to discuss the news of the day, what they have done at school or seen on television using clear and confident language.

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