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Matthew 5:16

Enrich and Enlighten Programme


Our vision is to inspire, motovate and instil a love of learning that will last beyond school through art, music, literature and spiritual awareness. Our Enrich and Enlighten programme aims to spark interest and enthusiasm in our year 7 and 8 students so that they continue to develop these interests beyond school

Why do we study Enrich and Enlighten?

Our ‘Enrich & Enlighten’ programme (delivered during our extended day on Wednesdays)  takes our students beyond the National Curriculum to develop their understanding and appreciation of the world around them. We want our students to experience the arts, sciences, philosophy, a range of cultures, and an understanding of society in order to increase their awareness and expand their horizons.


Our students will:

 Our students will

  • Be provided with  opportunities to experience beauty in all its manifestations, through art, music, literature and spiritual awareness;
    • Develop a deeper appreciation of the non-material aspects of life;
  • Broaden their  knowledge and enhance their overall quality of education;
  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness; 

What do we study?

We recognise that within our richly diverse and multicultural context, that many forms of culture are of equal importance and value. As such, we aim to give our students experience of different forms of art, music, literature, philosophy, science, and democracy from sources representing a range of social classes, ethnicities, abilities, genders, sexualities and identities. 

How do we study?

Students access our ‘Enrich & Enlighten’ provision during our extended day on Wednesdays. They follow a carousel programme of Philosophy, Art & Technology, Modern Languages and culture, Science and Ecology. During the sessions, students are encouraged to reflect, appreciate and discuss their ideas in response to stimulus material and are able to access a diverse range of cultural artefacts so as to broaden and enrich their experience. Students also undertake project work in each aspect of the ‘Enrich & Enlighten’ programme, such as  developing a piece of musical theatre; print making and deep philosophical questions. 



Our students gain an accumulation of knowledge that they can draw upon in the formal curriculum and in their lives beyond school so that they can be successful in society and in their future careers. 

Careers Leading on from Oracy

Oracy will be useful for almost any career: any client or customer-facing workplace, or any job that involves explanation or communication.


How parents/carers can support their children

  • Encourage their children to participate in co-curricular activities and develop their interests further.