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Faculty of Computer Science, Economics and Enterprise

Key Stage 4 Enterprise Ms A White

Key Stage 5 Enterprise Mr P Doyle

What is Enterprise?

Enterprise is a set of attitudes, behaviours and skills.  Put simply, enterprise is the willingness of an individual or organisation to:

  • take risks and control risk factors
  • show initiative and 'make things happen'
  • start a new venture or inject new life and drive into existing initiatives.


Our vision is to inspire our students to act and think like entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives.  We build their competence through a mix of business theory and practical activities that assists them to build this mindset and practical business skills.

Why do we study Enterprise?

These enterprising attitudes, behaviours and skills are in  high demand in the business world. 

Employers need employees with these skills. For some, entrepreneurship will lead to their own businesses. For others, self employment is often an option in many careers. Enterprise assists in developing these life skills, attitudes and behaviours.


 Our students will:

  • learn what makes a successful entrepreneur by researching successful companies and their founders and owners
  • study market research and how this assists enterprises grow and flourish
  • develop a business  plan
  • pitch their business plan for investor funding
  • implement the business plan for a micro-enterprise activity and trade for a five week period
  • learn the basics for business promotion
  • learn the basics of business finance
  • learn how to assess the internal and external factors that impact on businesses

What do we study? 

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise Level 1 / Level 2 - two-year linear course. Board: EDEXCEL.

The BTEC Tech Award  is a level 2 qualification equivalent to one GCSE. The award it broken into three components:

  • Component 1:  Exploring Enterprises (Assessment through coursework) 
  • Component 2: Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity (Assessment through coursework) 
  • Component 3: Promotion and Finance for Enterprise (External Examination)

To view more information, please follow the link to the BTEC Enterprise Level 2 Specification.

To view a full summary of our KS4 Enterprise curriculum please click here.

To view information about BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at the Green School Sixth Form please click here.

To view information about A level Economics at the Green School Sixth Form please click here


How do we study Enterprise? 

This subject is studied with a balanced mix of enterprise theory, practical research into local enterprises, working in teams and  by creating and running a micro-business activity. These all contribute toward assignment based work.

Promotion and Finance is studied in a traditional manner (lessons, home learning and exam preparation) for a written exam in the second year.

Presentation of Work 

Most work is typed up on Google documents, slides and sheets. Coursework should be typed and should include: student name, date and title.

Home Learning

Students are expected to complete independent study weekly to complement the learning that occurs in lessons.

Co - curricular activities

Students have available a range of enrichment activities including guest speakers, trips and support sessions after school.



Students are assessed through coursework (60%) and external examination (40%).


To view the impact of our curriculum please click here for our latest exam results and here for our student destinations.

 Careers Leading on from Enterprise

A BTEC in Enterprise Level 2  will prepare you to enter into the world of work, business and self employment in any industry or sector of the economy.

The BTEC level 2 qualification is equivalent to GCSE standard and will fulfil entry requirements to study Business or Enterprise at level 3 (Sixth Form study).

To view more information about our school Careers programme please click here.


How parents/carers can support their children

Parents could support students to have a quiet and calm environment.

Parents can also question students on topics learnt in lessons. Parents can also ensure that students are completing their weekly home learning.

Recommended Reading

Richards C (Ed.) (2018) BTEC Tech Award ENTERPRISE, Student Book. Pearson, London

Students should also watch Dragon’s Den and similar business programmes on a regular basis. They should also take an active interest in the daily and weekly business news.