The Green School for Girls

Let your
Light shine

Matthew 5:16

Sixth Form Leadership

Introduction to The Green School Sixth Form

Dear prospective students and parents,

My name is Yasmin and I am Head Girl at The Green School for Girls. I have been in The Green School since year 7 and I am now in year 13 preparing to sit my A-Levels at the end of this year. I am studying Drama, History, and Philosophy and Ethics, and am finding them immensely enjoyable and challenging.

The Green School Sixth Form was definitely the right choice for me. Our sixth form mission statement is ‘Achieve, Prepare, Grow, Excel’ and I believe this brilliantly reflects what The Green School Sixth Form stands for.

Firstly, we offer a friendly atmosphere, and together with the independence given to each sixth former, the sixth form allows each student to grow more focused and ambitious, and to pursue the best education possible. It is an environment where new and old friendships can grow, and there is an affirmed sense of community within our student body.

Furthermore, our students have strong relationships with their teachers who treat us as individual young adults with respect, but also encourage all students to reach their full potential and to pursue their ambitions. And although the jump from GCSE to A-Level may feel big, the support from teachers subsequently increases, both academically and pastorally. Every student has an academic coach who advises and guides us individually through our A-Level journey, by regularly meeting to talk through our successes and challenges. For the teachers here, it is the individual that matters just as much as the results.

Lastly, The Green School Sixth Form fully equips and prepares students for their next step, helping us discover our ambitions for the future and guiding us through the process of applying for university, internships, apprenticeships, or indeed a gap year.

In preparation for making us credible and valuable students and employees, the sixth form provides multiple opportunities to develop leadership, team work, and organisational skills, just to name a few. There are many roles for students to fill such as ‘Co-Form Tutor’ or ‘Reading Mentor’ for the lower school; school council; or even a position on our prefect team. Such experiences help mould our characters to prepare us for a life beyond school, which definitely makes me more confident about going to university next year.

It is, therefore, a privilege to be the Head Girl and represent the students and staff that make The Green School Sixth Form so special.

I do hope that wherever your path leads is to a happy and successful future and we look forward to welcoming many of you to our sixth form next year.



Name: Yasmin

Position: Head Girl

Subjects: Drama, History, Philosophy and Ethics

Aspirations: To study History at Southampton University


Name: Belisa

Position: Deputy Head Girl

Subjects: History, Sociology and R.E.

Aspirations: Study Law at university and become a barrister


Name: Elif

Position: Deputy Head Girl

Subjects: Drama, Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Aspirations: Study Medicine and be a Doctor


Name: Gillian

Position: Assistant Head Girl

Subjects: Economics, English Literature, Sociology

Aspirations: Study Economics at university and help in the wider community


Name: Sanaa

Position: Assistant Head Girl

Subjects: English Literature, Geography, Sociology

Aspirations: Study Law at university and work in Human Rights


Name: Sophie

Position: Assistant Head Girl

Subjects: Geography, Physical Education, Psychology

Aspirations: To be a Police Officer