The Green School for Girls

Let your
Light shine

Matthew 5:16

Jack Petchey Award

The Jack Petchey Achievement Awards:

The Green School for Girls participates in the Gold Level Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme, which is a reward and recognition scheme for schools to help celebrate the achievements of students and staff.

Why and what happens?

One student and one staff member is chosen to receive an Achievement Award each month for nine months throughout the year. A student can qualify for an award in a variety of ways for example overcoming adversity, contributing to the life of the school, personal and/or academic achievement or for their contribution to the local community. Students and staff can nominate a student. At TGSG, we are proud to be part of such an exceptional scheme that values the achievements and challenges that our students are presented with throughout school and young adult life. Therefore, we would like to share the achievement of our students and staff with you. You can find more information about Sir Jack Petchey and its Foundation here..

What does the winner receive?

The winner receives: a framed certificate, a pin badge, and £250 to be spent on a school project of their choice while the small grant amounts up to £750 for staff. The winner will be presented with a certificate in a special school assembly and will attend the annual borough ceremony. A profile of the winner is displayed on the Jack Petchey notice board in the main reception area.

The Jack Petchey Committee at TGSG:

One’s achievement should not be forgotten but should go a long way. This is the main idea behind the set-up of this committee, both for the winners and for the rest of our students who aspire to them. Young people should understand that there is more to add to their achievement, which is officially and nationally recognised by the Jack Petchey Foundation but also by their school community. Their success should not stop after their nomination. In fact, achievement is a long-life journey at The Green School for Girls and will enable them to reach beyond their potential. We are pleased to have initiated this programme.

Who and why:

We (Jack Petchey Winners) are proud and grateful to have been nominated by our esteemed peers, not only based on our variety of achievements but also for displaying the following and genuine characteristics: commitment, contribution, growth-mind set, altruism, inspiration, support, kindness and consideration, and generosity. As a committee and as part of our school community, our aim is to encourage more of you to recognise and value your peers’ achievements: may it be personal, academic or community based; and to take pride in what you do.

Our aims:

  1. To encourage pupils to recognise and value their peers’ achievements
  2. To give life beyond past and current achievements
  3. For students to aspire and establish a culture of ‘If you think you can, then you can’
  4. To guide future winners into spending their funds appropriately

Our actions:

  1. To meet up to discuss ideas and actions
  2. To plan for and lead a whole school assembly
  3. To attend a meeting with the Jack Petchey Grants Officer
  4. To explore new avenues to make a long-term impact on the students’ future (e.g.the selfie competition, the achievers network, individual grants for volunteering, the 18th birthday open grants programme etc).

School motto and Christian ethos:

Our work and actions as a committee tie with our school motto and Christian ethos. We aim to always encourage students to let their light shine, recognise and celebrate every small achievement. With more and more challenges facing young people nowadays, such as mental health issues, to name a few, we think that students should nurture the positive moments and talents they have as a way to overcome adversity and to support those around them; to give them the confidence they need as well as increase their aspirations. Students should always take initiative and try without fear. Like Sir Jack Petchey, we believe that people should think of others and give back to society, no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity. We often associate generosity with money. However, remember that Jesus also praises the attitude of giving little and small to others to have a positive impact. If you only have a smile to offer, your happiness, kind words and some time to listen to those who need it, this is already a step forward.

Luke 21:1-4

Jesus looked up and saw rich people putting their gifts into the treasury; he also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. He said, "Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for all of them have contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in all she had to live on." 

This means that being poor, the widow knew the value of what she gave generously. If I am aware of how little I have to offer, may it not stop me from improving the situation of those who have even less.

Winners 2016-2017

8CFlorence puts others first. She is well known around the school to be a joyful and smiley person since her first day at TGSG. She often helps students in her form facing adversity, finding time to help her peers with their home learning. Her classmates say that ‘we can always rely on Flo as she goes with the flow’. She has been nominated and rewarded many times for her numerous acts of kindness. Well done!

9EAderayo is a quiet student but such a caring person. Everybody says so. She is a strong-minded young person who helps everyone in her form. She helps her classmates to be organised and ready for learning, as well as her teachers. She is dedicated, driven to do well and described as an amazing person. Well done!

 8CSonia takes times to help her peers in times of need. She is also described as nice to all, considerate and very helpful. She is very proactive and was appointed vice form captain. Additionally, she always has a smile on her face and is so helpful. Well done!

 Careers Leader and Teacher of English - Mrs C Humphrys is a very dynamic and energetic teacher who is also really involved in many aspects of our school life. She relentlessly tries to recruit more staff to come and sing in the staff choir every Tuesday morning. She is a positive teacher who makes her English lessons fun. Mrs Humphrys works really hard and has done a lot to promote and organise the STEM week at school, successfully, therefore giving the final push that some students needed to think about their future studies and career options. What an inspiration!  Small Grant helps girls school explore issues around mental health

 Winners 2017-2018

8M – Since her start at TGSG, Aleena has only shown kindness to her peers.  She is helpful and altruistic. She is said to be confident and positive, displaying these key personal characteristics which do have an impact on her classmates. As a hardworking and conscientious student, she is well organised and gets her form ready with school equipment, home learning reminders etc. She also leads form assemblies. Well done!

10EPrencesse has finally grabbed the opportunity to show her many talents, commitment, kindness and great leadership skills this year. Both peers and staff will agree on the fact that she is a great vice house captain. Her latest house notice board display is amazing! She took part in Black History Month, leading the whole school assembly with some peers. Finally, her positive growth mind set phrases do not go unnoticed on the whiteboard during form time. Keep it up!

9CShannon is an active club member at school and helps run the famous ‘This is not a feminist club’. Shannon is a polite, kind hearted teenager who is quiet and trustworthy. This being said, she has faced her fear of public speaking and beautifully led and took part in the whole school assembly. She is dedicated and supported a friend through very difficult times. She gave up her time at school events and helped during charity week. Well done!

9BEmily has developed a lot of confidence. She is a kind and caring student who made a significant contribution to the Beeches Charity week. For example, she tried her best to make lots of cookies over the week in order to make as much money towards her house charity and raised £50. Well done!

9W – Inspirational! Joyful! Always smiling and always taking parts in clubs, leading whole school assemblies, a role model with an excellent contribution. Natasha shows altruism and leadership skills. Lots of dedication and contribution towards the school community: worship rep, junior librarian, subject ambassador, vice form captain and writes in the Uno Animo school newspaper led by students. Well done!

Head of Physics - Mr Murray is well known for his energetic moves on the dance floor! Since he started at TGSG, he has taken part in the school pantomimes and in numerous charity events to help raise money. Students can count on him! Additionally, many students have said that they have made progress throughout the year. He is a really good, enthusiastic and passionate teacher who conveys love of learning and positive mind set in class. Mr Murray explains physics well and makes sure students understand before he moves on to new concepts. Well done Mr Murray!